About us

Generation of idea:
It is the era of e-commerce, where every business has gone online to serve their customers better. The Digital market has become so vast and popular among the public that the international market is accessible just at fingertips now.
Looking at the expansion of e-commerce and observing that there is always something for all, but there is not much exposure to the local emerging artists who wish to sell their paintings hassle-free. Many talented local artists who did not choose their career as a professional artist, but sometimes they wish to generate side income by their talent, but due to busy life it is not possible for them to give special effort and time in finding customer or place to sell their art, hence there should be online platform which can be accessible anytime and anywhere to display and sell their art locally without making much effort. This would allow talented artists to spend their leisure time in creativity which will eventually help them to generate side income.

Proud to serve you:
Introducing www.artrade.ca is the platform for a local talented artist who wish effortless journey of selling or buying their art product. Our primary goal is to provide a platform for any Kamloops local artist who desires to generate side income from their hobby of painting. Any artist who wishes to sell their art can simply post their artwork and any interested buyer within same town can buy eye-catching and fair price painting anytime, this effortless and quick process will save the time of both seller and buyer. Beginner or unconfident artists who never experienced trading their artwork and if they are excited to sell their work can start selling from as low as $10. Buyer and seller can interact with each other via text or call to make a deal. Sometimes it is possible that the artist does not want to interact with the buyer, in that case, we offer chargeable delivery service for the convenience of both buyer and seller.

This website will not only help to generate income, but it will also help them to build the profile as a professional artist, resulting in their increasing popularity among the community.